About My Work

my day job is in brand planning.

i love my work – basically it’s doing the tactical research behind the company projects. looking for patterns in pop culture, exploring, understanding, engaging in them. it’s a huge world, and we’re marching ever onward. my nights and weekends are consumed by the amazing people i’ve come to know, connecting with them, designing for them, encouraging them, loving them. it’s a good life.

i’m a reader, i’m a wanderer, i talk to strangers. i try to ask people what they’re really saying, but also if that’s what they mean, or is it what they think they mean or what they think i want them to mean. what qualifies me to do this and know the difference comes down to experience, and a desire to engage with people in this way. sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it makes you want to punch someone. welcome to the human condition.

my favorite thing is to simply engage with the world. people ask what i do and i stumble around for a minute before landing on words like “curation” and “translation” and “editing.” i work in strategic planning. it’s ultimately a job in which you try to understand and empathize with people, and turn that around so that others can understand it too.

here are some planning resources, if you’re like me and like to geek out
article on planning
account planning group: the professional organization of planners
mashable: social networking
periodic table of visual elements: many, many ways to visually organize information


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