greek easter

so we grew up with neighbors who are undeniably greek – and love it, and keep it a part of their family… whereas we are vaguely italian and not sure where in eastern europe we come from. so for me, going greek is always an adventure.

first sign of greek easter: lambs roasting on spits
greek easter

what’s up, kids table

me and kyle

will and chris, two of the best greek fellas around
(and whose family invited me, my parents, and kyle)

will is about 2.5 months younger than me, and our whole lives i’ve thought he was movie star handsome

we ate lamb, cheese, more cheese, other kids of meat, pastries, and hard-boiled eggs dyed red for the blood of Christ – they have a game where you tap the head-to-butt of your egg to the person next to you, then the winner (the egg that doesn’t crack) moves forward a round until you have a table winner.

after a delicious meal and the egg game, we had spent the better part of the day together… full bellies and good company make for great afternoon naps. yay Jesus! haha


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