dinner with dad

i tried to shut off for a few days after this bloodwork fiasco. my dad called and basically said “i’ll give you whatever space you need, but you still need to eat.”

wednesday night he dropped off dinner, just stopped by, handed me a bag of groceries, stayed for a glass of water, gave me a huge hug, and let me chill. i’m peculiar in that i’ve always felt strongest on my own, and when i need to hibernate, i tend to just turn inward – the last thing i want are people around. and it’s counter-intuitive, ESPECIALLY to my family, who all congregate. it’s weird, i’m weird, i don’t know where it comes from, but that’s me.

anyway, this morning i had relaxed enough try another iron treatment, which worked out, thank God. afterwards, i left the hospital and met dad at his office

and we went to whole foods where we played Top Chef and made a meal as we walked up and down the aisles, how about this? and do we have cumin? and we could make it this way…

dad had a recipe in mind that was pretty beautiful. it starts with garlic, vegetables, and sea bass

we also had potatoes with rosemary, salt and pepper

but the real star of the show was the sea bass; they were stuffed with lemon, caper, onion, and a few other things, then dad covered them with a mixture of egg, salt, and pepper

andy checked them while i stirred veggies on the stove

and assembled caprese salads

the fish came out in a crispy egg casing

which then had to be cracked open the fish were taken out

finally the meat was taken off the skin and dressed on the plate!

such a beautiful mess :)

dad, andy, and i sat down and shared a meal and some wine

love my dadders. we put on some french music and talked and drank for hours. it was an extremely peaceful night. just what the doctor ordered, literally :)


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