it’s gonna be a big one

just had coffee with one of the great role models of my life. a woman who brings passion and drive to every drop of time you spend with her. we talked about, basically, what i’m supposed to do with all these things i know about storytelling and media and nonprofits. and my struggles with feeling like… something akin to survivor guilt, like who am i to chase any dreams? there are people who spend their lives in factories with no chances and i’m considering turning my back on a global agency that has given itself to me on a silver platter.

but of all people, she is one who i believe when she says, “no. you’re not acting entitled. you’re acting enlightened.”

and while those words are, admittedly, quite grandiose over morning coffee, they fill me with a sense of purpose and hope. a little Christmas cheer and a great dose of encouragement from a trusted source. from someone whose footsteps i’ve followed in, and someone who i am excited to keep abreast of where Progressive Conspiracy will head in 2011.

buckle up, universe, here we come… :)


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