saturday was much better

this is not the Kenmore Live Studio, but it deserves the name. this is a community garden i would have NEVER known about had i not been invited. and it’s just amazing, people getting together to weed and mulch and everything else i don’t know how to do but am fascinated by.
kenmore street garden

dave has totally become a personal hero.
kenmore street garden

it was so cool, people just hanging out with herbs and plants i have never freakin heard of. and they gave me some chives to go, which i cooked up with some chicken later on.
kenmore street garden

later in the afternoon i headed out in some rain to get to downer’s grove for pete and ronli’s gorgeous wedding shower
pete & ronli's wedding shower

we played a bunch of silly games
pete & ronli's wedding shower

and watched hem open some lovely gifts
pete & ronli's wedding shower

and i won a door prize
pete & ronli's wedding shower

it’s been a while since we had a big family wedding, and i gotta say i’m pretty stoked for this one…


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