some guests and fun for NYE 2009

new years 2007/2008 : the hokusai mural
Photo 5.jpg

new years 2008/2009 : retirement island… disturbing the peace
setting up the infamous quelf

new years 2009/2010 : neo-futurists plays and three people in the studio
at the neo-futurists on NYE

owen and sam came to town this year for some new years festivities!!! which made me deliriously happy. they stayed with me in my tiny apartment, we spent the whole time going to movies and going out to eat, a true chicago vacation :)
breakfast at yolk
breakfast at yolk

for  the actual event of new years, we went to the neo-futurists extravaganza, “an homage to spontaneity, a riff on randomness, a friend you thought you’d never see again showing up at your door in the middle of the night, wet from the rain and carrying a bag of warm grilled cheese sandwiches.”

in other words, it’s 30 plays in 60 minutes, but tonight they’re also offering catered dinner and a champagne toast… the food was great and the venue was crowded, so we grabbed some floor seats in front of a nice toasty radiator and got our dinner on
at the neo-futurists on NYE

and checked out the new years resolutions people had penned and posted along the clotheslines as holiday decorations
new years resolutions

the show is everything it promised to be…
at the neo-futurists on NYE

one of my favorite skits was a dirty little ditty involving a shaking can of soda and a lot of audience apprehension
at the neo-futurists on NYE at the neo-futurists on NYE

and i was fascinated by the one that had to do with self-loathing that ended with everyone being invited to come down to the chalkboard and write their own personal angle on their self-loathing
at the neo-futurists on NYE

at midnight, the show ended, the clock ticked on and we rang in the new year with poppers , noisemakers, and champagne
at the neo-futurists on NYE

finally we got back to my place around 1am, turned on some LOST, drank some more and cheered each other on in 2010 :) :) :)

and then… i ran into one of the other girls that lives in my apartment building and kind of had a second chapter to my night! just headed downstairs and shared some champagne and traded stories with a couple other people after LOST had nearly put us on the 2nd floor to sleep!

and of course in the grand tradition of owen + lisa going to the movies as much as possible… over the course of several days’ visit, we saw Avatar, Up In The Air, and Sherlock Holmes, all of which are highly recommended………



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