halloween 09

also known as the great pumpkin massacre of 2009

dad was on gutting duty
IMG_3833 IMG_3832

i helped separate the seeds from the pulp, and dad prepared his magical blend of pumpkin seed marinade… water, salt, tabasco sauce, soak overnight, bake in the oven. i think he should bag and sell them, they are SO GOOD.

i love how proud dad is of his cooking – really he’s a great chef

anne went to work on her pumpkin, giving him a very childlike grin
IMG_3838 IMG_3835

then she got to work on the real prize of the evening: pumpkin ravioli…

this pasta press is one of dad’s favorite toys, and it’s getting a lot of good use tonight

i think it’s just flour, egg, and water, pressed and repressed and repressed and filled with pumpkin and made into lovely pockets of pumpkin goodness

so. good. fresh. pasta. and pumpkin. and a little onion. olive oil dressing.

anne’s little impish pumpkin in action

i got all ambitious and went for Edvard Munch’s The Scream as my inspiration

and i think he turned out all right :)

i think they both look pretty awesome in the dark

and the next morning we went and brought nana candy at the nursing home :) she appreciated the candy. and the visit. but mostly the candy haha
happy halloween nana...


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