there’s an owen in my apartment…

so owen and i really only get to see each other a couple times a year since he lives in philly and i’m here… which has been a frustration ever since we moved out of being housemates in boston back in 2005… so every now and again we like to pretend we are still within walking distance…

owen showed up on friday night and i was working late and had to ask him to take a cab from the airport. felt like such an ass. but we were able to meet up with some friends at the art institute’s first fridays, saw some great art, hit baskin robbins afterwards, and took melissa home… we had talked about going out for a drink afterwards, but we were all pretty exhausted :)

saturday owen treated me to his big surprise – he actually brought his guitar!!! owen’s a virtuoso, he’s been playing for years and years. sometimes when we’re on the phone he’ll just be strumming in the background and i’ll just get distracted and trail off and listen.

i took owen on a lisa tour, which we’ve never done before – showed him the neighborhood i grew up in, drove up through the suburbs, and took him to gilson park to see the beach i worked at all through high school and college. then we hit a family favorite for lunch, Convito Italiano at Plaza del Lago, a place where i knew we could get his favorite dish in the world

fettucini alfredo with peas… and carrot cake… this was a serious undertaking
ooooh, look who's satisfied! :) it's very serious carrot cake. no coconut. at all.

we headed up to evanston afterwards and were mad early for a 3D edition of toy story… so we walked around the block and found a great little farmer’s market and i snapped one of my favorite ever photos of this kid

walking back to the movie theater, i gave him some art direction and inspired by how he was going to town on his apple, said, “make me a face like you’re an eight year old”

we totally saw toy story 2 AND 3 in 3D. highly recommended.

we had panera for dinner around the corner, and meandered back to my place, where we just hung out and dissected and deconstructed our lives for each other. this is what i miss about roommates, and specifically about owen being my housemate, that we stayed up all night talking about the good and the bad and the good :) our visit was too short but i’ll take what i can get :)


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