des moines, it’s been too long

in 2008 i had three goals:
going to brazil. changing jobs. having surgery.
did all three, and nothing more.

i am used to much much more travel and have obviously gotten back into it this year (nicarauga, anyone? haha and south bend, and in the fall we’re doing LA, florida, and nicaragua again!)

anyway, it’s been at least a year since i’ve been to the city of my alma mater, a place where i spent four years growing and have a home base of some really amazing people. turns out my tattoo-sporting, sailor-mouthed, go-there-with-me-crazy friend actually was able to go there with me – she went to school at the university of iowa – and with an extremely generous move, let me drop her off in iowa city and continue on to des moines with her car!

another reason this chick and i are perfect for each other: i was stressing about life before we left, and she packed me a cooler of fla•vor•ice!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing.


i may or may not have eaten six on the way there. like in a row.
(MAY, natch)


we both crashed friday night with amanda’s college roomate and close friend kinsey, whose blog will show you how amazing her home is. she and her husband are total sweethearts. AND GET THIS. turns out i’ve hung out with her husband. one day. ten years ago. i did a photo shoot for a band he was in with my friend justin meyer. more justin randomness in a minute.


when on my own, on saturday morning, i saw a familiar sign



and decided to just swing through a parking lot. and of all the places in the universe to be in, i ran into justin meyer photographing a wedding. we haven’t seen each other in easily six years. it was awkward and hilarious.

finally i made it to rocky and kortney’s… and met my favorite baby on the planet, Porter The Awesome Smiling Wonder. this kid is not just cute, we were quick buddies and actually later in the weekend crawled around a corner to find me and i just melted into a puddle. i loooove this baby :)


the four of us went out for the afternoon and caught up over tea and a game of bocce – hitting the saturday trifecta of perfection: babies, bocce, tea. lovely.


after a few hours it got really warm and we headed back home. rocky and i left kortney with some cooking… we ran to home depot, so i could get rocky his birthday present… directions to make beanbag games!! he liked my mom’s so much (from a few posts ago) that i tucked some directions into his card and chipped in for the supplies. we didn’t get into construction today, just the pieces because man, we couldn’t be late for dinner at the gratton’s!



dinner was of course a low-key affair, kortney brought enchiladas that were outrageously good, and the whole spread was healthy and fresh. after dinner we all hung out and chatted until the wee hours – it’s so cool that i am really an independent player, i roll in and roll out, and there are so many times where i am sitting there with two couples and a couple things occur to me –

how cool they are that i have no feelings of being a fifth wheel. we are all truly equals and all have unique relationships, and when we get to discussing religion or politics or baby food, it’s all good. these are some of the people i can truly be myself with :) and second, these are two marriages i have learned so much about marriage from. hanging with them doesn’t make me jealous that i’m still single, it just makes me excited to find someone.

back at rocky and kortney’s, we had some unexpected guests! rob and renee, and drew all stopped by after a wedding. drew and i found out we live four blocks from each other in chicago. crazy, loving, happy, couple of hours went by until the kids headed out and i went to sleep in the nursery around 1am.

sunday i took off on the early side… off to winterset to see julie and chet before i had to head back to iowa city and get amandapants.

i picked up the kids and we went to a local diner for breakfast. chet was his usual chipper self in the morning haha i just wanted a photo of the diner and didn’t think the staff would be cool with it, so i made him “pose” for me


after breakfast we dropped off chet and julie and i went for a long walk… back at her house i wanted to be a kitten in her garden. this girl has a very green thumb and loves growing all kinds of things. in the front are a rainbow of flowers


in the back is a vegetable garden the size of my living room with corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, and all kinds of other things


like always, the visit is too short and i had to roll along. but whenever i get the chance to see julie, even if only for an hour, of course it’s going to happen :)


and this story ends like so many others… picked up amanda, hit horrid traffic on the way home but no drama… got home exhausted and satisfied. can’t wait to go back. i love iowa.


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