the art of patrick maxcy


can’t wait to hang it and do the apartment tour!!
painting my little cave this weekend in preparation for this beautiful thing.

so mister patrick maxcy is exactly the kind of person that makes the nicaragua trips so endlessly magical – he’s talented, funny, kind, and has this incredibly unique perspective on life and art. his subject of choice is animals, such as this tropical friend he did down in nica in march of 08:

patrick saw my tattoo and commented on it, that it could be a fun painting… and i was like oh really? and he was like, ummm yes. and then i formally asked him to rock it.

i got an update midway:
lion part 1

and a final preview:
lion part 2

and if all goes according to plan, i’m having him ship it to my office where it will enter my grateful and enamored little hands sometime in the next couple weeks. more photos to come!!!


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