this week i had a marathon. I AM A WRECK. i was awake from wednesday morning until midnight friday… wednesday and thursday night were just late working nights and poor planning. and once it was 2am on thursday, i just decided to stay up until i needed to pick up Armistead at 5:20am.

you heard me. i don’t like my friends taking the blue line before the sun comes up. that would be awful, wouldn’t it? welcome to chicago. you’re in a daze? too bad. figure out the el. you didn’t sleep on the plane? maybe you can stay awake while you ride a train gently rocking you for 45 minutes.

right :) so i found armi on friday morning, i was at the stage where i was drinking a steady stream of cold water to stay alert but felt great.

i went to work friday after drawing a map for Armistead, leaving Armi in my apartment to take a nap, do whatever he wanted until i was ready to leave work. we met up in the evening and walked over to the art institute, which i always forget CLOSES AT 5PM so we skipped it instead.

and walked back up grant park, by the Heaven’s Gate sculpture. Armistead actually had a traveling bear with him – this is apparently some popular vehicle for elementary school classes to learn about multiculturalism, they send a bear or a paper doll around to friends who show off the object in a location’s context.
the bear's name is cheeseball

it was just a really random good time, Armi was just in town for the weekend for a wedding and i was a convenient place to crash :) but i was able to meet Armistead’s friends and we had dinner at the rock and roll mcdonalds at like 11pm. the guys were really cool and had no problem with a chick tagging along for a while, even if i was at that point out of my mind with exhaustion :)

went to bed at midnight on friday.

SATURDAY armistead was off to a wedding, and my sisters and i had a baby shower for my cousin kristy… i just wanted to show off the best idea ever – painting onesies as an activity / gift for baby peanut.

mine is the “love bug” in the top left corner

congrats cousin!!!
opening presents


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