six week check in

the longest time i’ve been away from the blog since it started in march of 2005. kind of sad. but to be honest, nothing much has been going on… other than losing 42 pounds and counting.

it’s kind of sick, and kind of sad, and kind of shocking how far this insulin thing had gone. here’s a before-and-after:

me and my auntie jo, last september:
me and auntie jo

this morning, 6.5 weeks post-op:
self-portrait, nov 08
self-portrait, nov 08
self-portrait, nov 08

it’s outrageous, i have an ass again. and cheekbones. check out that shadow in that last shot, under my chin. crazy.

there have been so many little epiphanies, so many little exclamations, that i thought about resurrecting my twitter account :) i mean, i’ve gone through something. something huge, that showed me what i was made of and who i can count on…

and the answer to who i can count on? EVERYBODY.

i couldn’t believe the people that came out of the woodwork to show support. people i knew from high school and never really talked to in the first place, family, friends, friends-of-friends… i’ve got a bulletin board of get well soon cards and a stack of thank you notes to write. not to mention the ongoing love i’m getting as my friends come over when i ask, go to concerts with me, and basically call if i don’t speak up for a few days. i’ve never in my life felt so feeble, and so supported. for as long as i can remember my only source of strength was internal, and now suddenly it’s exponentially bigger than i ever knew it was once i was able to reach beyond what i knew. people are awesome.

the day-to-day recovery from surgery has been a rough road. i’m tired all the time. this week i’ve started working 8:30am to 6ish and by the time 6 rolls around i feel that kind of tired of a kid who will burst into tears when her ice cream falls off the cone. like just exhausted. but work’s been GREAT, i’ve got a new director and working on two major projects, one being a newsletter for planners by the planners; the other being a brand architecture workshop that i might get to moderate in california in mid-december :) :) :) back to san francisco!! sweet.

so since i’ve been back… it felt really good to be back home. i was at my parents’ for about a week before i lost it entirely and demanded to go back downtown. i just needed to know where my vitamins would be going in my kitchen, you know?
cold fall sky

and went back to work on a thursday, Nov 6th. my new director was on paternity leave starting the following monday, so i was off the hook as far as coming into the office… i had to do research but could pull that off from home, thankfully! all the naps i could handle, PLUS stimulating research. heaven.

i also sold my couch
couch 2

and replaced it with a grown-up one

thankfully, i am pretty sure i can still move with one ten-foot truck. and my parent’s SUVs. and a prayer.

in other news, last week Adam Ezra of Adam Ezra group came to town! in case you’re new to this blog, Adam visits always turn into adventure. exhibit A: ROTHBURY. and the potential for me to get into tour management. and working on their web site. and a handful of other fun tangents.

the monday night of his visit i had dinner with some of his other chi-town peeps at a place called Tac Quick that – get this – a theater the last time i was there. i saw Catch-22, a couple years go by, i order duck sausage in the same place. it was all BYOB and the crew were so nice, we had a great time… then Adam took some of his former students camping for a few days, and when he returned from the forest we went TURTLE RACING.

it’s exactly what it sounds like:
with beers, you get raffle tickets.
they later call off numbers to see who gets to race a turtle.
TURTLE RACING @ big joe's
the turtles are patiently waiting under that white thing for the race.

so six people are called, they each get a turtle, the person whose turtle is the slowest to leave the ring wins a tee shirt or something. i don’t even remember. we had a ton of dollar bets going to keep it interesting –
• if your turtle comes in first, you give everyone $1
• same goes for a turtle coming in last
• if your turtle comes in FOURTH, everyone gives YOU a dollar
• if your turtle poops on the table, everyone gives you $20
TURTLE RACING @ big joe's on ravenswood

anyway. i lost probably $8 this way over the course of the night.
and then the following night was adam’s show at Joe’s on weed street, a monstrous sports bar that for some unfathomable reason insists on scheduling Adam after Ultimate Fighting Championships. SERIOUSLY? seriously.

anyway, once the pummeling went away, Adam put on a great show, including guest appearances by chicago harmonica player Rob Stone.
adam ezra @ joe's 11/15

adam’s buddy rob is actually a musician who i intend to see a lot more of. he’s the kind of player who you watch and you’re just like, i didn’t know harmonicas did that. they are suddenly intriguing.

so that was LAST weekend, this weekend i’m just getting back into some design fun… some design favors, and some design jobs (in case you’re wondering, the latter pays and the former doesn’t). i also made dinner with my daddy
dinner with dad

who is teaching me how to cook red meat, something i have very little experience in but need to learn… my post-surgery diet is ALL PROTEIN, NO CARBS. it’s the rule. so steak, here we come. we went to whole foods and dad gave me a very instructional tutorial on different cuts, different techniques, that kind of thing.

i made the salad :) green beans, slivered almonds, feta, bacon.
and set the “table,” we had steak and salad while the simpsons DVD played in the background of our chatter.
dinner with dad

so tomorrow brings:
thank you notes
more design
agency work, too

more stories from california to come soon,
including detailed descriptions of the hallucinations –


3 thoughts on “six week check in

  1. I am SO happy for you! It sounds like you’re doing wonderfully — mentally, physically, etc. Can’t wait to keep up on your blogs and your continued progress. :) Oh, hey, if you do get on Twitter… follow me! @lindsayrees … I LOVE Twitter!

  2. So glad that you’re doing so well and having so much fun. Sounds like the recovery is worth the energy you’re putting in.

    If you go back on Twitter, follow me @TexasRedBooks

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