new job alert, in case you haven’t heard

the first reason for freelance sabbatical ’08 has come to pass. i’ve left my first agency home, Wunderman Chicago, to be a planner in the fantastic labyrinth that is Leo Burnett…

moving to such a huge agency has been a total culture shock but in a great way. the people have been awesome and the work looks like it’s going to be really stimulating and a great place to learn more about, you know, planning

i took a week off in-between jobs and did a glorious amount of nothing. i had these grand plans to learn portuguese (I LOVE ROSETTA STONE), go to the movies, take some long walks. and i can’t even tell you what i did other than a deep clean of my apartment…

the last time i took a vacation that was purely obligation free was probably spring break back in school days – every time i’ve taken off since then has required planning, working, days-without-sleeping-craziness – and i can say to the best of my knowledge for the first time in five years i lost an entire week to a happy black hole that shot off fireworks: a few dinners, a few home projects, a few long walks.

[contented sigh]

been at work for two days. day three is tomorrow :) so far so good.


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