i miss my camera

i dropped it last summer at the Dispatch shows… it was the replacement for its predecessor who had just gotten old, and now this camera was dropped on his little head and now it has also ceased to play nice.

i feel so careless, i’m not usually like that!

someone else was sweet enough to send me a photo from a recent good time, two saturdays ago i was at house of blues to see state radio

and it was one of the best shows i’ve ever been to, despite it being house of blues :) with whom i obviously have a personal vendetta – i put HOB and my differences aside and hit up a concert where it was packed, the entire floor was jumping on every song, i was there with my sister anne and her friend the lovely photographer, the boys…

i can’t even say anything new, thank God i’m not a music critic. state radio, bottom line, is my favorite band ever. i love a lot of music, many musicians, as the quote on my nalgene bottle says “one love can mean many lovers”… it’s one of those that evokes something from me at the cellular level, when i listen to state radio i want to start riots in the street. it’s amazing in the authentic sense of amaze-d.

one of my personal heroes

should i address that i’ve been off for a month? not galavanting, let me assure you. i thought october would end with october, but little did i know it’s still rampaging in november… i updated the contact page on my portfolio site to read “i am officially not taking on any new projects in 2008.”


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