say hello to my little friend

it needs a nickname. my laptop was casually referred to as ‘napoleon’ because he’s technically a supercomputer and therefore can take over the world without me.

the fun of this is that it’s a desktop. and it’s new and pretty and white. and big screen, and new toys like photobooth… which really isn’t a big deal to me, it was just the first thing i could do before i put any of my programs back on. photoshop’s gonna have a new home tonight or tomorrow… i have to go to a little BBQ first :)

i’m really, really excited about the new machine. napoleon’s going to a good home after i transfer everything over, and i am looking forward to years of fun with this little monster.


2 thoughts on “say hello to my little friend

  1. i vote for frederick (take your pick which specific brutal prussian overlord you like most, they’re all good) to go with the whole mean little men of post 300 year war europe. plus, frederick is almost as cool a name as napoleon.

    course, my ibook is veronica after the cute, spunky girl detective; my ipod is malcom as in X; and, my mini is george after the hurricane. so, you know, i might just be bad at naming things.

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