i heart ny, day one

whirlwind vacation. absolute mayhem. left work thursday, went home and packed blindly, left friday morning. rolled into town around 2pm.

i got my hotel on hotels.com and was like, whatever you say hotels.com, i just want to stay for under a million dollars a night and be able to walk to the garden without getting totally lost. and it looked good… and in person i could stand at the front door and see the garden. it was half a block away :)

it was a room with a bed, no frills, which is exactly how i like it

found my friend kasey a few subway stops away and had dinner with his lovely friends. unfortunately no photos, i didn’t want to scare them with my shutterbug ways. but it was so perfectly new york, it was grilling in a courtyard and eating on a little table that happened to be there between the sawhorses, the teapot, the mannequin, and the other whatnot. there were all these remnants of other people and stories that i didn’t have enough time to make up. the people we were eating with, my filmmaker friend, his stuntman buddy, and his fashion designer friend, were enough to keep me occupied.

kasey and i made it over to madison square garden around seven and got our VIP on… it was the convergence of the nicaragua kids, the denver kids, the florida kids, basically 80% of the cool people i’ve met in the past three years.

and all this was before the actual concert

the show went from 8pm to almost midnight, the highlights included having flown in an african children’s choir who sang backup

playing an acoustic set halfway through the show while sitting on top of the old tour van! another remnant from the good ol’ days in boston –

and being in the FIFTH ROW.

went out afterwards, out bumming around with a crew of twenty siblings, wandered home around 2.


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