so speaking of change

so this weekend was epic. we started with a wedding shower for my cousin kristy, but i had to punk out early and go to an actual wedding in indiana…

my friend tiago – who you can see in this post – was on his own fantastic voyage, he more or less hitched a ride with friends from baltimore to michigan, then took a train to chicago. hours and hours later, i took him to House of Blues for lunch. we got lost on the way to layfayette, unfortunately… combination of thunderstorms, bunk mapquest directions, and traffic… but even catching the last couple hours of the reception was worth the journey. the wedding was at the bride’s parent’s home, and the groom’s sisters decorated the garage and yard. upon arrival we were pulled into the dance party and any stress from the day vanished once we were basking in the glow of italian lights.

the groom’s family had all flown in from puerto rico, so my handful of spanish was put to the test and i am proud to say my accent and meager vocabulary had a few of them mistakenly thinking i’m fluent. not the case! it was one of those times where the language barrier is just not a big deal, we still laughed together. somehow politeness is language-free and i think that’s awesome. like, i’m getting a drink, do you want one? you can convey that with pointing. easier than one might think :)

it was also a nice time to see brad corrigan, it’s the first time in a long while where i saw him able to focus on just what was in front of him, instead of eighteen thousand events he’s got going on at any given time. the kid works so hard. we were talking and realized how long ago it was since we first met, and how awesome it’s been.

it’s fun to read through the archives from two years ago and think oh God, i was such a child then. the past two years have been an awakening, a transformation. more than college ever was. and now the changes in front of me are less about striking out and having a delayed rebellion – now that i’ve gone prodigal and returned, the changes might get more subtle, more personal. i’m working up to leaking the news that i’m getting a tattoo in august and trying to frame it as a spiritual choice :) and it is one, but i don’t really expect anyone to buy that. and for the first time, i don’t really care what anyone buys or doesn’t buy. that’s what it is, and it doesn’t need to be anything else.

back to the wedding – there’s one more adventure to last saturday and it’s crazy. the clock is rolling around to 1:30 am, we’re all starting to fade, brad suggests tiago and i spend the night at his hotel room and i’m liking that idea… so i ask tiago when his flight leaves from o’hare the next day. T gets on the phone with united, and apparently his flight is 6am. as in five hours from where we were.

i give tiago an ultimatium: change your flight or we leave in about two minutes. and two minutes later, we save tiago the money of changing his flight, grab a few cold water bottles each, and get back on the road…

1:30 am: leave the party
3:45am: arrive at o’hare
4:30am: drop off the car at my sisters’ apartment
4:45am: cab arrives at my place
5:00am: my head hits the pillow
2:00pm: wake up, watch cartoons, work on a logo.

AWESOME, awesome weekend.


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