writer’s block?

i’m struggling with the blog. struggling to find time, struggling to have something to say. been working really hard lately. been feeling like a few moments are passing – like if i don’t seize some big things all going on right now the chance will be gone forever. not as dramatic as it seems, i promise. i just know how situations and people fluctuate and i can smell the tipping points in the air the way i can smell rain when i wake up in the morning.

been traveling, what else is new? i’m already ahead of myself. april / may and frankly the rest of the summer has a ton of family bonding going on.

we had mother’s day brunch at Bucas: this is the family in their most natural state: at a meal, exclamations of surprise, chatter, iced tea, six convos going on at once…

my mom and jenna

and just a few weeks later we had a baby shower for jen, my cousin tommy’s wife, who is expecting triplets. triplet boys. three boys all at once.

we were asked to bring children’s books in lieu of cards for the presents, and i brought The Stinky Cheese Man. i think that’s good for boys.

i spent most of the day bonding with my cousin johnny’s precious daughter Avery who has the luxury of a mom who bought a super camera because she needed the shutter speed – hence avery gets to occasionally steal the Canon Rebel

when that battery died she asked for my canon powershot, which was fine, and let me tell you she isn’t half bad; took this one of her little sister sydney

i love babies. and i love the big family :)


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