i’ve been saying this for years

president chavez scares the snot out of me. he’s feeling like the continuation of castro’s revolution – but not the idealist, instead the imperialist ‘i’m in control because i’m educated and you’re not’ nature.  they’re obviously friends, and castro has obviously passed on some knowledge / political idealism. and it’s working so far – i read today that Venezuela is the first central american country to be rich enough to snub the US.

which i’m kind of in favor for, just for the record. i don’t want central american countries to be forced into playing with us. and that’s pretty much what is going on. but to go to the opposite extreme, to be fully anti-america, well… not a fan of that, either.

when i was studying abroad there was this sense of ‘you may be american, but you are not yourself america; i cannot hold you responsible for everything that comes from your country’ and i think that mindset is dead. long gone. replaced by its evil twin.

BBC news is running an article about anti-American views in the rest of the world, ironically their washington DC correspondent is collecting opinions from the un-ironic countries of France, Venezuela, and Egypt. to read the article, click here.

you’ll see in the article that Chavez recently said this about George W: “The imperialist, mass murdering, fascist attitude of the president of the United States doesn’t have limits. I think Hitler could be a nursery baby next to George W Bush.”

seriously? seriously. it’s BBC, which in my mind means it’s probably a little out of proportion, a.k.a. not consistently impartial. what do you think about this?

i’d really love to know. feel free to leave comments.


One thought on “i’ve been saying this for years

  1. Well, on one hand Americans really are America. Isn’t that what being a democratic republic is all about? Seriously, it’s all about organization. The greedy and powerful will always do as they like unless organized counterpoint is formed. Most people just don’t care enough or figure it doesn’t affect them.

    We’re not all that bad as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or Bin Laden. C’mon Chavez, there are a lot bigger targets for injustice in the world. For instance, Africa is pretty much one big, corrupt political nightmare. It’s all about expectations. No one really expects Africa to have it together. Everyone expects America to be perfectly noble and be the defender of the free world. Do we do bad things? Sure we do. We’re a goverment with big feet and we step on little guys sometimes…even for our own benefit. Is that cool? No. But it’s not the same as gassing millions of people or intentionally starving them, or sending them to Siberia.

    We’ve all failed. Namecalling and hating aren’t going to fix anything. I hope Chavez learns to love his neighbors, and we learn the same thing.

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