we’re off to a slow start this morning, but to be honest, i think it does take about 30-45 minutes to rally 40 people.
from point A to point B

we drove over to the italian property, a mansion built to be the ambassador’s residence but has gone unused for 20 years. the grounds look like we could fix it up, the structure is so beautiful. it’s just twenty years of dust and just not being used. brad gave us an introduction to the groundskeeper and we were free to wander and check it out.jonathan's got the camera rollingitalian villai think this is where the dance parties go

we all have dreams of tire swings dancing in our heads.
already daydreaming about that tire swing
i had a great conversation with a guy named matt, we talked about being corporate and how that can sometimes feel like such a waste of our lives. and to be fair, i have just about the least corporate corporate job out there. my job is amazing, and it’s what has me able to do this. but sometimes i want to live out of a van and drive around as a boditsattvah, just being a peace-bringer. i can be such a dirty hippie. but matt was amazing, just very encouraging about the whole thing. we both kind of came to the conclusion that corporate just ain’t so bad and gives you a certain amount of credibility and training that will translate to other things soon enough.

lunch was at a simple, sweet place with fresh food and nice women taking care of us.

at the end of lunch, matt grabbed me and we went outside to see this wall that we all loved. it was one of those things that it doesn’t matter who did it or why, but the result is fantastic aesthetic that we loved collectively. this is evidence towards how i know i should be here: being a nerd for design was celebrated wholeheartedly. not the whole group, but a lot of us

the afternoon was spent at Casa Bernabe, where i was two years ago (click here to see those photos) and some of these kids remembered me. i was shocked, considering it’s been two years and these kids see around 75 GROUPS of gringos a year. we spent the afternoon playing, soccer and tag, keep-away and everyone’s favorite, i have a bag of candy :)

casa bernabe


2 thoughts on “wednesday

  1. Lisa, your pictures are incredible. I hope that these trips continue and that the impact increases as the years go on. Keep me posted on future trips; it is obvious that this is God’s heart in yours, reaching out to His people in need.

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