nicaragua, sunday and monday

(sunday) got in last night, flights were very easy. it was funny to be on the plane from miami to nicaragua, i knew a couple of people from this flight would be spending the week with me and i had no idea who. minor fiasco at the airport, one of my bags was missing (thankfully not the one with my PJ’s)… we got to the hotel around 11pm, ran out and got some fast food dinner, came back and crashed late. i’m already exhausted and happy, we’re off to a great start.

monday morning some of our crew is here and some are arriving. last night i met amalie, my roommate for the week, and pretty immediately we get to chatting. breakfast is simple, rice / beans / eggs / fruit. Tiago starts the day off right with some good tunes for us, and it’s better than coffee.

we spend most of the morning going through the donations everyone brought, organizing and re-packing so distribution will go easily. there’s a lot here. the surfers came, were introduced, peaced out to go preview the beach. i’m excited to meet them :)

lunch is at Tip Top, a fast-food chicken joint. i sit with Rei (speaks spanish, english); Tiago (speaks portuguese, english); deise (speaks portuguese, spanish) and me, the english speaker. between the four of us we can all translate for each other, and pass a few hours telling stories pretending we were soap opera (novella) actors :)
the men of tip top (with Deise in the foreground)

afterwards we go back home, keep sorting, keep meeting each other. these people are AMAZING. we work until dinner, which is next door, and at the end of dinner i approach Craig and sit down, saying “um, i’m curious to know you. tell me your life story.” and he smiled and went for it.

went to bed around 1am, just in love with the world. it was a slow day of just watching ourselves stretch out and be peaceful. good transition day…



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