another post that should have been posted two weeks ago

listening to Nick Drake and worried about freelance. i have two web clients this month and web always takes a long time for me. the design drags and then suddenly i have this huge IDEA that WORKS but then i have to still build it. never fun.

i want mandy to be in town today really, really badly. more than the usual nostalgic “we could be at the beach today” feeling, like i’m homesick for her.

this is funny, i’m totally not in any kind of negative mood, i’m just a little sleepy after lunch and letting my mind wander. it’s a confetti blur of owen and mandy and brad and a different brad and denver and minnesota and my design camp crush and a resurfacing of my original crush, remembering what that felt like way back in the beginning of infatuation. coasting on that warm fuzzy feeling for a while :)

a couple weeks ago after i got back from denver, someone from denver was in my town and it was kind of a big deal. i took a half-day from work so that i could do a half-assed super amateur photo shoot of brad corrigan’s band, in town for a show.

things got off-schedule like the tend to do, so we took photos by walking around the block and finding things like someone’s stoop, a green door, a brick wall to shoot against. i was apprehensive that it would be awkward but then it totally wasn’t. sometimes i’m still timid after all i’ve been and done, timid that i’m an intruder, but they definitely let me in and feel like they were glad i was there.

so we took some good shots and i killed time with the guys in the green room of the beat kitchen before the show, getting some dinner and watching YouTube clips.

the show was wednesday night, and the crowd was different than usual: older, meaner, more drunk than ever before – but i chalk that up to it being wednesday. the show was great, the music was solid.

one of the best parts: rampant drum solos.


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