joke’s on me

eating froot loops. remembering how when my sister jenna was little she said her favorite flavor of food was “blue, because that means it’s fake and it’s candy.”

this week, i’ll tell you what.
i was all set to go to Design Camp™ and have a grand old time, and i did – but just before i left wunderman made a counteroffer for me to not only stay, but go into Strategic Planning. like at 5:05pm. and i was shaking, i was so flipped out about it, but i had to take a deep breath and tell them i could only have an answer when i got back from minnesota.

here are some camp highlights.

(you CAN’T JUST LEAVE THAT TOPIC HANGING, right??? that’s how i felt. the ten hour drive each way, the workshops, the bonfire – it all had a low-level anxiety underneath it as i thought out which would be better for me in the short term, the long term, the contacts, the exposure. so now you’ll know how i felt – camp is so great but you just want to rush to the decision. and it’s not that easy.)

highlights: making new business cards with a stamp i bought at office depot on the way up. they got some great reviews, being called super modern. that had me feeling like a super designer :)

staying in a log cabin

late nights at the bonfire

walking down to the beach whenever i felt like it

quality speakers

nerd activities like Pantone Bingo

the pavilion with the band and the bar
click here to see more.

so what happened then? every person i talked to said to keep the dotomi job. every last one but my friend ryan. which stuck with me, because i’ve always described his and my relationship as “our points A and B are the same, but our paths between the points have nothing in common.” in other words, i trust his opinion like i trust my own, knowing that though he and i are totally different, i am very likely to reach the same conclusion in most cases.

but there was pressure from parents, co-workers, strangers weighing in. everyone said “you shouldn’t stay where they wouldn’t hire you without that pressure of losing you.”

and then everyone said “it’s great to have a choice.”
and i was like “yeah, yeah.”
so i got back home and decided to go with dotomi.

then i went and talked to a woman at wunderman with every intention of going in to say goodbye and thanks. instead she sat me down and made me accountable for why i was leaving. together we talked through all my hesitations, and then i realized what was really stopping me was that i was being told “you would be so great at this” and i had no idea what “this” was. so we talked to the planning women, and i found out that since i was “such a natural” they all assumed i already did know exactly what i was getting into. and the more we talked, the more it became so very clear that planning is something i didn’t even really know about but it could not be more tailored to what is exciting to me about design. according to everything i’ve heard and read and asked and answered, this is my ultimate dream job.

on top of that is the fact that the other planning women are the first two women in a long time of whom i’ve thought “i want to be you in five years.” and that’s just as exciting. i love art direction, being a designer, but this allows for more ambition, bigger goals, a further reach. when i thought long-term, this role does outdistance the role i’ve been shooting for since graduating college.

so right now it’s 4:36pm on friday afternoon, and i’m waiting to have the actual offer letter in my hands before i call dotomi and break some hearts… i feel like a jerk for accepting and then declining the offer, but i take a lot of pride in being able to say “it’s not you, not the money or the perks or anything else – it’s the work. the day-to-day work that would be different, and i can’t deny this new opportunity.”

so as of Monday, October 16th, i’m going to be a Strategic Planner for Wunderman! full time and everything :)


One thought on “joke’s on me

  1. yay! as we left camp I thought that was what you’d decided?! glad it’s working out. It does seem like a naturally good fit, even if it’s not art directing. home safe. owe you an email sometime soon.

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