cubs day in the sun

update from last sunday – – went to see a cubs game from some rooftop bleachers with the Lawrence Hall group:

we had some meet & greet time to get to know the boys – some, like myself, only see them once a year at this event. it’s always a little awkward at first, of course – like, that “how do i approach people again?” moment. you always worry they won’t like you, but they always do.

we had some games set up – baseball bingo and baseball trivia games; every game had, let’s be honest, an array of prizes. everyone had a goody bag and we conspired to have each one full.
the seventh inning stretch was led emphatically by the back row
but the boys seemed jazzed to just be there at all :) this guy in particular really liked my camera. this was the deal, that he could use it if i could take his picture.
i’d say the deal worked out in my favor when he took a nice one for me
i struck the same deal with anthony, but i had to catch him first:
he had some good ones too
this photo is titled, “another hot brunette in my family”

so it was an awesome day.
especially when cubs beat the reds 11 to 3.

and hey – link to Lawrence Hall, click here.


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