a night without nyquil after three nights with

…i love nyquil.
…today, yesterday, and the day before had twelve hours at the office.
…how can i possibly keep up with the freelancing?
…i stepped down from IdentityTheory. i miss it already.
…there’s so much more i want to do with my day.
…but then that saturday comes and i’m sleepy. and have to pay the bills.

…after getting out of the shower i asked myself, “what am i looking forward to most?”
…the answer, immediately, was “black tee shirt and a big glass of water.”
…i dig simplicity.

…part of me is still in love with parts of people. my heart exists of smaller hearts, some murmuring and some whimpering the names of ghosts, fragments of memories. i once said to one man, “you have no idea how hard my heart rattles when you’ve shaken it.” HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I MEANT and that’s a big part of why we don’t work. i miss him terribly. but perfect as he was, he’s no poet.

…my hair has turned curly when my whole life it’s been known to be straight. i like it.
…it’s time to travel again. but where?
…and with what money? seriously.
…i’ve been going to the expedia giveaway promotion and clicking every day, but nothing happens. somehow that hasn’t damaged my sense of good luck. i feel like i’ll win some vacation and i’ve managed to not be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

…design camp is coming up.
…ah, design camp.
…i have one glorious crush at camp. i wonder if he’ll be there.
…i wonder if i’ll be over him. that would be ironic.
…when will this nyquil kick in?
…oh. wait. didn’t have any. meh.
…it’s after midnight, it just starts to SOUND late.


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