i just wanted a ride

so this morning i had a creepy agressive cab driver, which happens about half the time. it drives me crazy when these people are like “you don’t know how it is in chicago, have you even been to the south side?” and because i worked on the west side and because yes, i have gone south to music venues or last weeked for owen’s glass fiasco, i have seen these places and i am not immune or ignorant to them. displace your assumptions elsewhere, taxi man.

he tried to convince me that chicago “sucks” because the south side isn’t developed when it was here first, dammit! and i couldn’t help myself from pointing out that well, the rich people live up north, and if you think rich people controlling things is just something that happens in chicago you’ve got another thing coming.

it’s like i’m asked to prove myself to these cabbies. this guy wouldn’t relent until i told him i’d lived in southy (i was in hyde park, which is not as bad as southy – but not, you know, white collar either). THEN i had some credit. great. either i prove i’ve been slumming, or i’m another useless aristocrat. what’s up with that?


One thought on “i just wanted a ride

  1. totally understand. a few weeks ago cabbing home from ohare super late got one of those cab drivers who
    a) mistook me for a professor at u of c (flattering, yes, but I hardly look old enough to be a professor)
    b) kept referring to the chair of the english department at said university as a “fat b*tch”
    c) kept trying to convince me that getting a job is hard and that u of c totally sucks
    d) ended up getting a surprisingly big tip even after overshooting my street off lake shore b/c i just wanted to get the hell out of that cab.

    ain’t chicago fantastic!?

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