i’ve been in the apartment for five weeks. two IKEA journeys, one Affordable Portables trip, several Bed, Bath & Beyond excursions, and one jaunt to Target later the place is looking good in my little humble opinion.

i painted and put up bookshelves. i think that’s what i’m most proud of – the painting happened after work, a couple hours every night for a week:

i’ve got my design books on the left, my other books & electronics on the right, pictures and stuff on both. the TV and laptop share the table in the middle (the screens are the same size) (which makes both the computer feel big and the TV feel small). i have creature speakers, which are definitely powerful enough to rattle the windows of this studio.

i love having all my photo frames and nick-nacks (sp?) in one place.
there are other favorites…

a friend warned me of how boring it might be to live all your apartment life in one room, but it splits up nicely. you’re totally unaware of the “bedroom” half when you’re on the couch.

this room is tan, where the other’s green… but the light color is a sweet setting for the orange. i’m also pretty seriously considering a mural on that blank wall. i don’t want anything more hanging on it, but it needs something. i’m thinking of taking the leftover paint, making it a shade lighter, and replicating an art noveau poster i’ve seen in a deck of cards i bought at the museum of modern art in Japan. any opinions on that one?


3 thoughts on “updates

  1. i love how the bookshelves look against that green wall. also, the color scheme between the light green in the living area and (what is that? taupe?) in the bedroom works well.

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