i’m gettin back downtown

last weekend was an uproar. i broke a heart (and my own in the process) and had a crying-induced migrane (i always get headaches when i cry, but this was blindness and nausea to boot). i went over to betsy’s and she made me sit still so we could watch Rent and eat pizza. i slept it off on her very comfy air mattress and woke up sunday to go apartment hunting with my parents.

and now i’ve gone and signed a lease…

my new pad is in the Sandburg Village. I’m on the 15th floor, facing South.

i have a balcony with chairs and eventually chamomile tea.

this wall will house my lifelong dream of having an entire wall of shelves for all my books and collected randomness from other countries… we’re going to paint the wall (and the short wall with the kitchen opening on the left)… i’m thinking a mossy green.

so i’m set to move in a couple weeks from now, i’m already packing and making an IKEA trip with mom tonight. i’ve never owned pots & pans before, they were always given and taketh away by whomever i was living with at the time. i’m very excited to be less than two miles from work and have a SOUTH VIEW of the city!


5 thoughts on “i’m gettin back downtown

  1. So excited for you that you’re moving back downtown! It looks awesome. Look forward to seeing you this weekend!

  2. YAY NEIGHBOR!!! this makes up for all the “be my roommate” fantasies we had about miami of ohio :) btw, my co-worker has a sister who’s a realtor for S Village, if you want her # let me know and i’ll get it when you come home!

  3. Congrats! Place looks incredible! I know the feeling of getting into the city. Just moved into a place of my own. Look forward to seeing you and everybody this weekend myself.

  4. yay! How exciting. You must post a pic of your green wall with bookshelves! I wish IKEA were in Denver. Not Chicago. Or, well, both is good too.

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