where to?

feet at the summer palace
Originally uploaded by faithful nomad.

some very excellent stuff going on.
Wunderman is offering me a job friday.
and i’ll know by then when i’m flying up for my final Target interview.
(today i recieved the confirmation call that i do indeed get to go.)

in other work:
still working on bike jerseys for the architect bike team
starting a website for a painter
starting a multimedia press kit for elias fund
got a call last night from someone i haven’t talked to in a year, who might be opening a bar and needs someone to do the comprehensive design. and my career having been what it is, i was able to list off the top of my head the people i would bring in to do the environmental design, the print collateral, the identity management, and the web site.

i’m starting to wonder if i should daydream about putting together a design team. i even have a business manager, unless my dear friend decides to move to austin TX, which looks pretty likely right now.

anyway. still not believing anything unless it’s in front of me on paper. but things are really moving along nicely… like, wherever i will be a month from now is completely unpredictable. i literally do not know what next week will bring, but it will define everything after it.
(wish me luck)


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