bad, bad, bad

i looked. i tried not to, but i looked and i drooled and i try so hard to stay above this consumer BS but if i won the lottery today this is the first thing i’d go nuts over. i would LOVE a total upgrade. my Powerbook G4 is my little child – i call him Napoleon (not dynamite) – but poor little Napoleon buzzes loudly in a way he didn’t a year ago. and all this iChat, Tiger, widgets, FileMakerPro Trial, all this and more are enough to make me think about how if salaries work out, maybe in a year i can go nuts. i think i can hold out that long. maybe if i enroll in some kind of program i can hold off on the temptation of widgets.

also not helping: how cool the movies / projects are that come out of Madhouse. corporate world is hard sometimes, especially when i might be moving over to the account side of things for a while. i wish i could have a DESIGN studio… i wish i could do anything as quickly as i can think it… i hate that it takes me hours to do a website, or to get that logo just right, or whatever. i love that as soon as i hear something, my mind’s rolodex starts spinning and building and then visual expression starts pouring out from the subconscious to the frontal lobes.

i love graphic design.


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