ode to halloween

twenty mintues ago:
two thirteen year olds knocked on my door
knocked so hard the knocker cracked
wore no costumes
offered no tricks nor treats
asked for handfuls of candy
were denied
took the bowl and RAN.

anyway. i ran out to walgreens and i pleaded my case to this guy, asking “do you have any big bags of candy left?” and the guy was like, “uh, if you were here yesterday” and i was like “i just TOLD you my story. they RAN OFF with everything. like JUST NOW. on HALLOWEEN. which is TODAY.”

all tricks, no treats. until later, which is now, which is when i’m waiting for more costumed ankle-biters and watching Psycho on the Turner Classic Movies channel. Norman Bates rocks my world. Poltergeist is on next.


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