beginning of the end

a mess of my work
Originally uploaded by faithful nomad.

we’re at the calm before the storm. projects are being sent to printers, mail is coming in, people are suddenly in town, all hell. is. breaking. loose. THURSDAY IS WHAT ALL SUMMER HAS LED TO.

projects done today include things like fliers, VIP passes, filing our 501 papers – AGAIN – but this time with our lawyer/saint Ms. Carlson; making sure we have enough sheets to pass out that outline the weekend activities, making sure our guest list for the premiere is up to date. designing and assembling our Elias Fund information booth. arguing with the city of Somerville to allow us to pretty much do whatever we want.

basically, loose ends everywhere that need to be remembered and then need to be tied. it’s like one of those days where there are a thousand staccato things to do and every ten minutes you have to shift gears and solve a new set of problems. basically, the way i thrive. moderate to high stress, thinking on my feet, executing and moving on in rapid succession all day long. feeling very satisfied at the end.

ended the day with Owen, went to see The Island. pretty good movie.


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