my one movie star moment, and it was lame

yesterday and today i worked from the apartment because there were massive amounts of meetings going on at Sodium, and since i didn’t feel like moving every hour, i stayed out of the way. i honestly spent about five hours on the phone today figuring out how to price this project. i’ve never had to spec out paper before, so i’m calling paper reps and distributors and printers and manufacturers. this is seriously a labor of love to do the Elias Fund grant :) but this is what’s amazing about it – somehow people start asking more questions about the project, unrelated and unprompted questions, and i start talking about it, and suddenly they’re as excited as i am.

we had dinner in west hollywood tonight, courtesy of a birthday present shane received from some of her friends. it was a fantastic meal, a little italian place where apparently DeNiro had eaten just a few hours before us. it was really popular – we couldn’t get a reservation until 9:30pm – and i think i had my only celeb spotting of the trip: Nicky Katt, who was in the Way of the Gun and the tv show Boston Public. he totally caught me staring more than once (i was trying to figure out if he really was who i thought he was) but maybe he didn’t think i was being creepy. maybe he thought i was flirting? hopefully :) that was fun.

we got home about twenty mintues ago… it’s 2:15am. i have to get up early and assemble the Sappi Grant. Wish me luck.


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