we’re all so young

have we all become aware of the ONE campaign? i’m very into the unfettered, black-and-whiteness of it. beautiful except for their nasty please-take-one website banners. but is anyone else angry that it took so long and so many celebrities? like, way to go, kids, it’s about time. there are THIRTY NINE celebrities in under two minutes (i counted, you can see the video on the site). why are we people who need cooler people telling us what to do? why are we not people who see these needs and migrate toward need automatically? i’m down with what’s being done, but why not ten years ago? why not for the 9-11 cleanup? why not for the Oklahoma bombing? why not in the 1976 Soweto student uprisings? why not when 20% of Cambodia was slaughtered between 1974 and 1979? i’m so, so excited that this is beginning, but if it fades out, some actors and i are going to have words. i’m glad to see a national sense of responsibility forming.

i think i’m getting a pack of the white bands. let me know if you want one. they come in ten packs, and i’ll only need one and a spare, so first come first serve on the other eight. sorry for the rant, they were talking about Mandela’s release from Robben Island last night on NPR and i have this deep feeling of how recent things are, how apartheid only ended fewer than thirty years ago.

in other, lighter news, i officially have packed for the summer… so everything NOT in those two bags gets to go into my generous parents garage. and right this second i’m so panicked that i’m taking a break to write. that whole beginning was a tangent, if you can believe that. i should probably get back to packing.

parting thought: it’s snowing outside. thought it should be acknowledged!


One thought on “we’re all so young

  1. so what makes them think they can have their please take one banners look so different from their website look? ONE in a bold sans is much different than ONE in wavy rosewood.

    white bracelet? please, if you still have some.


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